The Desert Violet

One of my favorite things to do is show off my awesome friends! Jordyn and I have bonded over many things, including Harry Potter, blogging, fashion, Jesus, and lots of other great stuff. If you know her, you're aware of her incredible sense of style and individuality. If you don't know her... you need to! She's one of the most incredible girl bosses I've ever met, and she'll give you enough inspiration to last your whole life :) 

A : So Jordyn! My first question to you is... what is your favorite superhero?

J : Oh, I don't like superheroes. 

A :  Oh, okay, haha well whats your favorite comic book then?

J : Honestly, my whole family loves comic books and superheroes and I'm the only one that really doesn't. I prefer wizards over superheroes. 

A : You know what, me too! My next question for you is: if you could pick any food to eat for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

J : Chipotle. Chipotle all day everyday! haha

A : Oh yes!! How do you take your Chipotle?

J : I always get a bowl, but then the trick is to get a tortilla on the side. Then you can tear off little pieces and make yourself a little mini burrito. It's the best of both worlds.

A : Ahh, very clever, that's a good option. So Jordyn, What do you like most about yourself?

J : Um, if I could pick two different things, because I'm thinking of two different things right now, it would be that I'm very independent. I like to be alone, I like to do my own thing and make a name for myself on my own. The second thing would be how I like to study for fun. I like to read for fun, I'm obsessed with history. Just my thirst for learning is kind of something I admire about myself.

A : I admire that about you too! It's very rare to find a woman like you. Out of all the things you like to study? which is your favorite?

J : I feel like it's kind of a cross between two subjects, one being History and the other being English. I really love both of them, but I guess if I had to pick it would be History. I just really like learning about things of the past. I feel like we forget about the important things like the foundations of the world and the important historical moments that have taken place. I mean, we as humans basically thrive off of what the people before us have previously built, especially through culture. 

A : Describe your unique and influential voice in three words; what do you want the world to know that you stand for?

J : I would say perseverance. And again, independence. Some people give independence a bad rep, but I view independence as empowering and the freedom to be your own person. And then I would say confidence, for sure. It is so important for all aspects of life. If you don't have confidence, then it's harder to succeed. It's always going to be challenging to find confidence, but always necessary I think. 

A : Absolutely, I totally agree with all of those words, they are what I have always seen in you as your personal strengths for sure. Since you like reading, if you were to write a book you'd want to read, what would it be about?

J : If I could write a book... Maybe this is weird but I've never thought about this question before and it's the first thing I could think of haha... but I think if I were to write a book I would travel to different countries and study different women from different countries. I would then write about their ways of life and how they are treated in comparison to other cultures and places. I would most likely just pick one woman from each place and then tell their story. I think I would make it about how women have a voice and should have the freedom to express that wherever they are. It would be like an encouraging book for all women, and I would build the book around that concept and the stories of the women.

A : Uum, I would totally read that book! It sounds amazing! What's one thing you'd like to try that you're too scared to try right now?

J : Hmm... You know I've always wanted to go hang-gliding but I'm so terrified of heights so I've never done it before.

A : Do you think you ever would?

J : I think I will at some point, I'm just so terrified I would have to build up the courage first to do it! I feel like I'm more of a fast-decision making type of person. So I think in that situation I would have to just feel like I wanted to do it and just do it right then and there.

A : I would probably never be able to do that... I'm so scared of heights. It may make a fun date though haha!

J : Haha yeah it just might!

A : Speaking of, what's your ideal date?

J : That is a good question.. I mean I really like wine, so basically anything that involves wine I'd love. Or maybe a Luau... haha in the middle of December.

A : Oh my gosh haha I'm definitely stealing that idea...

J : But honestly I love sitting across the table from someone just having good conversation, so I feel like my ideal date would be something similar. Where we could just sit, drink wine, and just talk about life.

A : What about like a Napa wine tour?

J : Ooh, that would actually be so cool! I really like experiences, so to share something like that with someone would be a cool, intimate kind of date. I mean even if it was like my favorite bookstore where we could sit and read and talk, that would be my favorite. I'm a simple kind of date person. Don't get me wrong, I do love getting dressed up and stuff, but that would be the ideal date for me.

A : I love that!  

A : So Jordyn, what is a character quality that you love about yourself?

J : I think it's funny that I'm super awkward sometimes. I feel like that is something that I would usually say that I hated about myself, but deep down I really do think it's funny. When I'm super awkward I just create a really awkward atmosphere and its like I'm just entertaining myself haha!

A : I know I feel like I can be like that too, and it's just super embarrassing.

J : Yeah, you have to just learn to accept the things you don't really like about yourself sometimes and learn to laugh at them instead.

A : Which can be quite often haha... Okay so since you have an incredible blog called TheDesertViolet, what is your favorite part of being a blogger and which post is your favorite that you've written?

J : Okay... I wrote this piece in my blog about the fashion industry and the makeup industry that I like the most.

A : You know, that specific article is what really made me want to start my own fashion blog, your perspective was just so fresh and inspiring. 

J : Aw, thank you! I love that. Yeah, I really liked that one. I just felt like it was a perspective that I wanted to bring to the table on my blog, because so often people assume girls that wear makeup and go crazy about it are fake or their insecure. Like they have to cover up their face. That isn't untrue in some cases, but also girls like it to have fun. To me it's a way of art, of expressing yourself. That was my favorite to write, to bring a new perspective to beauty. I think it's just so often that it is the opposite, and I want the different kind of perspective to be known and embraced. 

A : Mhmm, I really think you've embodied that well and it was so apparent through that post.

J : Yeah. And to answer my favorite part of blogging, I just love fashion. So anytime I get to work with a company, wether it's clothing or makeup, I just love being able to support them and be able to speak for them. I also love doing photoshoots and taking pictures, or putting cute outfits together. That is the whole reason I started my blog, to put together outfits I love.

A : What's your favorite part of your body?

J : Okay this is going to sound weird, but I love my wrists! Haha I think arms are really pretty and I have a tattoo on my wrist, which may be why I chose to put it there too. Watches are also my favorite so I love to wear them and pair them with my wrist tattoo! 

A : I love that that question just says so much about you that I never knew! Are watches your favorite accessory?

J : Yeah, most likely. I'm just obsessed with them. Like every time I see one, even if I have one similar, I still will want the other one haha, so I have so many of them.

A : What is a big epic fashion failure that you have had?

J : Oh, where to begin! I feel like I have so many.

A : Ha! Why do you think that is?

J : I feel like you look back on your life, and you remember the ugliest combinations you put together and you're like, oh my gosh why did I ever think that was cute?! Now, I wouldn't even consider going out of the house wearing a lot of what I have before. 

A : But you know one of the reasons why you can say that now and know it's fine is because you've been gutsy and tried new looks. 

J : That's actually true, yeah. I have always been gutsy in what I wear I feel like. Oh, I just remembered the perfect failure. My freshman year of high school, I had this whole vellore outfit, like the jacket and matching pants and they were all soft. And it was hot pink.

A : Did it say Juicy on the butt?

J : haha no it didn't! But I went to school with it on like all the time. It was really bad. 

A : What's been a big epic fashion win, or something you were just really excited to wear? 

J : I was honestly so excited about the birthday photoshoot! With the balloons and the fluffy coat. I call it my muppet coat, cuz it reminds me of what a muppet looks like. It was my favorite.

A : Oh my gosh you're so right! That shoot really turned out great.

J : Yeah it did I loved it.

A : What is your dream job?

J : Oh, it would be working for a magazine for sure. Like a fashion magazine. I don't know what exactly I would do, I mean there's so many different aspects I would love to do. Like I'd like to be a photographer's assistant or something... ultimately I would just want to work for Vogue. That would be the dream. Also just doing some editing would be awesome for fashion columns, women's columns, just something that really matters to me. And I do think fashion is really relevant, so.

A : I know it always will be. Everyone is always going to care about what they wear. And that's another huge piece of a culture's identity.

J : Yeah! I really love the history of fashion, i get so caught up in where certain trends started or where things we wear originated. It's just so fascinating. And it's not just for women! It impacts everyone, when you think about it.

A : Oh yeah, it's so interesting! 

A : Okay, a couple more questions. What's a dream you're hoping to accomplish this year?

J : I hope in 2017 that I can really take my blog to the next level. I love to progress in things I put my mind to. If I come to a standstill in life, I get really overwhelmed. So I would really just like to see that progress into something not only fashion-based, but also grow into a place where women can go to just be encouraged and find confidence. 

A : You have such a strong voice for women! That's something I've always really liked about you and your blog. You have such a strong stance to fight for people's individuality and their rights as a human, and their confidence. I really look up to that.

J : Thank you!!

A : Who is a person you look up to?

J : Someone I actually really look up to, and this is kind of random, but as of lately it would be Emma Watson. 

A : Ugh, dude straight up. I can't even begin.

J : I know! And it's not just because I love Hermione. 

A : Okay, she is Hermione in real life tho.

J : She IS! She so is. Like her personality is SO Hermione. I feel like she just walked onto the set of Harry Potter and was just herself with a wand! She's so amazing. She started her own campaign that was all about women's rights and equality, and all over the world people are paying attention to it. That's just something I really look up to, and she's where I kind of found my courage to start writing about it too. Just to see someone who quit acting, where she was making so much money and was really famous, to go to school and join this huge movement. She essentially took a break from everything she was trained her whole life to do to pursue that. Hearing her speeches and what she has to say is just so inspiring. I just really really like her! Someone who makes you want to speak and write about what they are saying you know is doing something really right.