Summer Florals

I'm thinking this summer is gonna be one filled with lots of dresses! I work in an office where we aren't allowed to wear shorts, and I want to still feel like my legs are breathing during the hotter months. I love dresses as an option because they keep things classy while still feeling comfy and free ;) I got this Million Reasons floral dress from 2 Weeks Notice and really love the floral print! It's also a perfect length, not too short and not too long. 

2 Weeks Notice is such an inspiring company. On top of selling really cutes clothes, they have a blog where they share women's stories of becoming who they are today, which is something I am very passionate about doing. I had the opportunity to share my story (along with some photos of this dress) on their blog, and things got really real. I love vulnerability, and I love having the chance to challenge myself in that area. Please go check out the blog post on their site and read some of my story by clicking This link. I love being able to see life through the perspective of telling a story, and I hope you are inspired and encouraged by my humble and unfinished journey. 

Studded Embroidered Leather

Sometimes I try and pinpoint what my fashion style is. I will admit, I love and also strongly believe in consistency. I know how valuable it is to stay cohesive. There are definitely certain styles that I tend to gravitate towards, like grungy clothes, floral patterns, comfy casuals, or texture play. However, I am very much a feelings-wearer. I usually dictate my outfit based on what I am feeling that day, because I view fashion as self-expression. I like to think I can be anyone I want to through the outfit I choose to wear. Sometimes I feel really sweet and mellow, so I'll wear a flowy dress and neutral sandals. Other times I feel daring and full of energy, so I'll wear a bright colored top with sparkly (or light-up) shoes to channel my joyful spirit. Or sometimes I feel really BA, like I could kick down a door or get a really big tattoo, so I wear black booties and a leather embroidered jacket, like the one in this post. I know this means that I don't always have one set style trend I fit into... But who cares?! Every day I wake up and get to emphasis a part of myself that I really like, and I don't have to fit into anyone's boundaries. It brings me peace and confidence when I focus more on expressing myself and less on fitting in. 

I am seriously loving the embroidery fad happening. It makes any piece a statement piece, and they go great with white, black, and grey clothes (which makes up about 75% of my closet...:)). This jacket I found at Forever21 is currently my staple date night jacket! click the links below for more cute embroidered leather. 

UO - As You Wish Moto

ASOS - New Look Biker Jacket

TopShop - Lace Embroidered Jacket (on sale!)

Zara - Embroidered With Frills

SheIn - Rose Applique Biker Jacket

Nasty Gal - Wooster Oversized Moto

If you agree or disagree with me, want to know you're thoughts on this! What styles do you identify with? Do you wear what you feel or do you like to stay more cohesive to one style? It's always fun to see what other people's fashion sense looks like :) comment below! 

Summer Skin Hydration

Who's ready for the LAKE???!!!! I know I am! I'm counting down the days until I can step into the cool, calm water of Lake Michigan and read books on the sand. With summer being just around the corner, I've been on the hunt for all the essentials: new swimwear, good reads, the best beaches, and the right products to keep my skin hydrated and healthy while it gets crispy in the sun! I don't know about you, but I hate the struggle (and the feeling) of dry skin. A few of my friends and I tried out some product from Dr. Jart+ and totally fell in LOVE! I tried out the Micro Gel Cleanser and Tiger Grass Cream, and had to share my excitement about how it made my face feel.

When I go to the lake, I don't put on an entire face of makeup, but I do like to wear a little waterproof mascara. I hate how long it takes to take it off with an oil-based makeup remover though. Thankfully, Dr. Jart's Micro Gel Cleanser is a gel formula that deeply cleanses and eliminates impurities as well as removes long-wear, waterproof makeup. The bonus: it contains a moisturizing capsule that moisturizes your skin as you take off your makeup. All you have to do is apply it with water and massage it over your face while it's damp. Wash it off, and your'e good to go!

After I took off all the makeup, I used the Tiger Grass Creme to keep my skin from getting irritated. GUYS. This creme is life changing. Usually you use this creme after using the toner and serum from Dr. Jart+, but I had to try it out after using the gel cleanser. And believe me, it's gonna be my best friend after long hours in the sun. It's purpose is to soothe skin that is sensitized from external environmental stressors, like too many rays by the water :) I am so happy that I can spend long hours outside this summer without having to sacrifice my skin, thanks to this incredible cream! 

I'll be posting more reviews in the next couple weeks on Dr. Jart+ products, so stay tuned! You can buy all these products and more Here or visit your local Sephora to purchase any of their products.

Cuz It's Sneaker Night

Anyone remember that music video by Vanessa Hudgens for her song "Sneaker Night"?! Yeah well I just got these shoes that make me feel like there needs to be a remake with them... LIGHT UP SNEAKERS PEOPLE. They're a thing and I'm alllll about them! I'm seriously jazzed about this version of the light-up sneaks from Filly Flair. I have big plans for them this summer.... long runs at 12am, wearing them to bed as a night light, wearing them to work to make everyone jealous... it's gonna be LIT. Literally.  

I like to run outside, and I found this lightweight zip-up breathable hoodie from Target for the colder weather. The leggings are from H&M, and my all-time FAV sports bra from Victoria's Secret. I really struggle with my body type to find sports bras that truly give me the support I need when working out, and the best ones I've ever gotten are from VS. If you're bigger in the chest, I know you feel my pain (literally)! It is so uncomfortable to run or do high-movement workouts that don't leave you sore. I am here to tell you that there is HOPE! Shop this link to get a maximum-support sports bra. 

I am always looking for cute workout gear, because there's so many things that I do that call for different types of workout pieces. But I HATE how expensive they tend to be! If you know what I'm talking about, than you'll appreciate the list I made below of all the places I have found to have reaaaallly cute workout gear with great prices! You're welcome. 

H&M : Shop This Link

Old Navy : Shop This Link

Victoria Secret : Shop This Link

Forever 21 : Shop This Link

Boohoo : Shop This Link

Something I want to talk a lot more about here is my passion for living a healthy lifestyle. I have always really valued being a healthy person and staying consistent through healthy behavior. From eating habits, regular exercise, feeding my brain with learning, to counseling and an alive prayer life, I place value in the things that keep us healthy individuals. It is my goal to always be nourishing my body, mind, and soul with good things on a daily basis, for the rest of my life. Wether that be with organic produce, a new book, 25 minutes of cardio or 5 minutes of audible and inner silence with the Lord, I have realized how important it is to just stay consistent with these things and make the act of doing them a habit instead of a phase. It is really tough sometimes to stay consistent, and I go through seasons where my consistency in some of these areas is really lacking. Change in my life or seasons of travel always bring more of a challenge in keeping up with good habits. It is always hard to find time to workout or meal plan, and it can also be expensive. There will ALWAYS be excuses and reasons why I shouldn't. But I will always be dedicated to the process and fighting for consistency. All it takes is a lot of little, daily decisions!

Finest Hour Lace Up

If you didn't already know this, Jon and I just recently moved to Michigan. It's been a crazy adventure! One thing I have been realizing is that I now have no idea where to shop locally for cute clothes! It's definitely going to take some time getting used to the area and getting to know the good places to find stuff. Because of my unfamiliarity to the new town, I have been enjoying shopping online for clothes, specifically at online boutiques! Listen guys, if you like affordable prices for carefully selected styles of clothing pieces, boutiques are really the way to go. I have recently been collaborating with Filly Flair, a super cute online boutique run by Laura Benson. Laura is passionate about finding comfortable, high quality designs that make all women feel pretty throughout any season of life. I really enjoy the collection of clothes Filly Flair has to offer, because there is such a great mixture of styles that I love. From floral prints, cozy sweaters, an assortment of booties, colorful purses, to flowy spring tanks and tunics, there's a ton of cute options to add to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. They even have kids clothes and bridesmaid dresses, plus there's free shipping on orders over $50! 

Ok so I am very excited for spring to get here, and I have been looking for some lightweight sweaters that would keep me warm without having to wear a coat. This one is not only ADORBS but it's so soft and comfy! I love the lace-up front and the length. I also love the way the sleeves fit, they aren't bulky and and don't flare out at the wrist like some sweaters do. And right now it's on sale for less than $30! Shop it Here

I really like this sweater paired with a cute chunky heel. The ones I am wearing are from H&M (as well as my high-waisted black jeans), and you can find a similar style Here. The rancher hat is from Target, most likely bought when I was on a grocery run which instead turned into a shopping spree as per usual because... Target. ;) 

The Turtleneck

One of the reasons why I chose to call my blog "Hello Funny Face" was because I LOVE Audrey Hepburn, especially in her movie called Funny Face. I'm a huge fan of classic movies and old Hollywood films, and this one is truly spectacular. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend pouring yourself a glass of wine on a rainy day, snuggling up on the couch in a fuzzy blanket and renting this one on iTunes with your girlfriends! There's a scene where Audrey's character dances in a Parisian club wearing an all black turtleneck outfit, and whenever I wear a turtleneck I think of that scene.  

Though this is a turtleneck, it feels like you're wearing a t-shirt! It's really soft and comfortable. I bought mine in-store at H&M, and I've linked a similar one here. This skirt is a black suede material, also really comfy and a great length for a shorter skirt. 

What I really like about this outfit are the shapes represented. The turtleneck, buttons, pom-pom earrings (how CUTE are they?! Buy them here), pointed shoes and polka-dot ruffled socks. It's like an abstract painting, you kind of just have to do what you feel when you put it together, and let it be interpreted however it wants to be by observers. Dressing up is an art form.  

BTW, really loving the socks and heels trend combo. If you're a fan but can't find any cute socks, fear not, I've linked a bunch of options below! 






Little Black Tunic

Is is Spring yet?! I'm so ready for some nicer weather! In light of the warmer season being just around the corner, I give you the For All Who Envy tunic! I feel like you can never have too many tunics, they're the most comfortable kind of dress (in my opinion) that you can mix up with colors, patterns, tassels, embroidery, etc. to add diversity to your closet. I am in love with this one from The Mint Julep Boutique! This dress makes me feel like I could kick some serious butt when I wear it, I love it's grungy style! 

The Mint Julep Boutique has tons of cute new arrivals, this dress being one of them! The best news is, it's super affordable :) If you haven't heard of The Mint Julep Boutique yet, you have to check them out! They're an online boutique, so you never have to leave your couch to shop their adorable collections, plus you get $10 off your first purchase. Visit the site Here or follow them on Instagram Here! I am really passionate about finding awesome boutiques like this one, where you can find a large variety of styles within their pieces and not have to spend a ton of money. I have noticed that a lot middle-class women believe you have to spend a lot to really feel stylish and feel like you're getting high-quality clothes. Boutiques are one of the ways to prove this mentality wrong! The Mint Julep is such a great example of this, they have high quality clothes that are so affordable. Don't get stuck thinking you can't be cute because you don't have a lot of money! It's very possible to fill your wardrobe without having to empty your bank account. 

If you're someone who can't quite figure out how to put together your wardrobe the way you want it to be, especially if you don't want to spend a ton of money, email me! I love to help women put together the perfect collection of clothes for their closets. It's my goal to aid the women around me and who read this blog with tools and inspiration to feel beautiful in their own unique way. Even if you just don't know where to shop or need help finding affordable clothes, email me through the Contact page and we can figure it out together! 

Furry Feelings

Which type of person are you... the kind that would choose to be cold all the time, or the kind who would be hot all the time? It's funny because Jon and I are the exact opposite in this area, I love to be hot and he loves to be cold. I'm always bundled up and he's always trying to convince me to have a fan on or the window open, even in the middle of winter! We're learning to compromise ;) I really struggle with cold weather and the winter season... it's so dreary! But I will say, I get by with how fun it can be to dress for the cold! Turtlenecks, tall boots, soft sweaters, aaaand FUR! Fur coats are one of my favorite fads currently! They come in many colors and shapes, and can completely transform a simplistic outfit. This white one has a hood and is soft like a blanket! 

Gotta love a good band tee! This one is from Zara, and it's made out of the softest cotton. Everyone's always looking for a good band tee, so I've linked a few of my fav's below! 

Ramones Tee - Zara

Nirvana Tee - Boohoo

Grateful Dead Tee - Pacsun

Pink Floyd Tee - Forever 21

Rolling Stones Tee - Urban Outfitters

Def Leppard Tee - Urban Outfitters

Guns N Roses Tee - Asos

I love a good pair of ripped jeans! I have always wanted to make my own, and these were my first successful pair. There are a lot of ways people say you can do it, a knife, cheese grater, etc. I have tried multiple times before, and can never get the results I want. But with these, I found the trick! It's a lot more time-consuming, but I love how they turned out!

All you will need is a pair of scissors and tweezers. When choosing your jeans, the ones that work best are the jeans that aren't made with spandex. The strings will bunch up when creating your rips, and it doesn't look as good. To make your cuts, first choose the areas you want to have rips. make two horizontal rips that are parallel to each other, with enough space between them to make your holes. If you want, sometimes it is easier if you cut multiple horizontal cuts for a more messy look, plus it's easier to pull out the darker threads (this is the next step). As soon as you have your cuts made, you can take the tweezers and start tweezing out all of the vertical pieces of thread (usually the darker colored ones) that should slide right out of the middle section. That's basically all you need to know. If anyone is interested in a DIY post for ripping your jeans, let me know in the comments below and I'll put one together!  

The Sweater-Dress

One aspect of clothing I am always on the lookout for when shopping is the combination of comfy and cute. I love when I get to dress stylish and pretty, yet stay super comfortable the whole day no matter what I'm wearing. It's the best win-win in fashion, in my opinion. So when I stumbled upon this sweater dress at Zara, I couldn't say no to it! It's seriously a game-changer. I wake up on Sunday am think, dang, I really want to dress up but still wear a sweatshirt. The answer? sweater-dress. Plus, it's shiny :) 

Unfortunately, this dress is no longer being sold online. But no matter! It's an easy fix. To mimic this look, I found this grey flare-sleeved sweatshirt from Zara and this gold accordion skirt from The Oxford Trunk

If this is a little too fancy for you, wear your favorite white slip-ons or converse! It's such a great statement dress, you can really add whatever amount of casual in your shoe game as you'd like without taking away any class from the look. 

My lip color is the BEST soft matte shade of nude I own. The best part, it's under $10! Get it Here

The Desert Violet

One of my favorite things to do is show off my awesome friends! Jordyn and I have bonded over many things, including Harry Potter, blogging, fashion, Jesus, and lots of other great stuff. If you know her, you're aware of her incredible sense of style and individuality. If you don't know her... you need to! She's one of the most incredible girl bosses I've ever met, and she'll give you enough inspiration to last your whole life :) 

A : So Jordyn! My first question to you is... what is your favorite superhero?

J : Oh, I don't like superheroes. 

A :  Oh, okay, haha well whats your favorite comic book then?

J : Honestly, my whole family loves comic books and superheroes and I'm the only one that really doesn't. I prefer wizards over superheroes. 

A : You know what, me too! My next question for you is: if you could pick any food to eat for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

J : Chipotle. Chipotle all day everyday! haha

A : Oh yes!! How do you take your Chipotle?

J : I always get a bowl, but then the trick is to get a tortilla on the side. Then you can tear off little pieces and make yourself a little mini burrito. It's the best of both worlds.

A : Ahh, very clever, that's a good option. So Jordyn, What do you like most about yourself?

J : Um, if I could pick two different things, because I'm thinking of two different things right now, it would be that I'm very independent. I like to be alone, I like to do my own thing and make a name for myself on my own. The second thing would be how I like to study for fun. I like to read for fun, I'm obsessed with history. Just my thirst for learning is kind of something I admire about myself.

A : I admire that about you too! It's very rare to find a woman like you. Out of all the things you like to study? which is your favorite?

J : I feel like it's kind of a cross between two subjects, one being History and the other being English. I really love both of them, but I guess if I had to pick it would be History. I just really like learning about things of the past. I feel like we forget about the important things like the foundations of the world and the important historical moments that have taken place. I mean, we as humans basically thrive off of what the people before us have previously built, especially through culture. 

A : Describe your unique and influential voice in three words; what do you want the world to know that you stand for?

J : I would say perseverance. And again, independence. Some people give independence a bad rep, but I view independence as empowering and the freedom to be your own person. And then I would say confidence, for sure. It is so important for all aspects of life. If you don't have confidence, then it's harder to succeed. It's always going to be challenging to find confidence, but always necessary I think. 

A : Absolutely, I totally agree with all of those words, they are what I have always seen in you as your personal strengths for sure. Since you like reading, if you were to write a book you'd want to read, what would it be about?

J : If I could write a book... Maybe this is weird but I've never thought about this question before and it's the first thing I could think of haha... but I think if I were to write a book I would travel to different countries and study different women from different countries. I would then write about their ways of life and how they are treated in comparison to other cultures and places. I would most likely just pick one woman from each place and then tell their story. I think I would make it about how women have a voice and should have the freedom to express that wherever they are. It would be like an encouraging book for all women, and I would build the book around that concept and the stories of the women.

A : Uum, I would totally read that book! It sounds amazing! What's one thing you'd like to try that you're too scared to try right now?

J : Hmm... You know I've always wanted to go hang-gliding but I'm so terrified of heights so I've never done it before.

A : Do you think you ever would?

J : I think I will at some point, I'm just so terrified I would have to build up the courage first to do it! I feel like I'm more of a fast-decision making type of person. So I think in that situation I would have to just feel like I wanted to do it and just do it right then and there.

A : I would probably never be able to do that... I'm so scared of heights. It may make a fun date though haha!

J : Haha yeah it just might!

A : Speaking of, what's your ideal date?

J : That is a good question.. I mean I really like wine, so basically anything that involves wine I'd love. Or maybe a Luau... haha in the middle of December.

A : Oh my gosh haha I'm definitely stealing that idea...

J : But honestly I love sitting across the table from someone just having good conversation, so I feel like my ideal date would be something similar. Where we could just sit, drink wine, and just talk about life.

A : What about like a Napa wine tour?

J : Ooh, that would actually be so cool! I really like experiences, so to share something like that with someone would be a cool, intimate kind of date. I mean even if it was like my favorite bookstore where we could sit and read and talk, that would be my favorite. I'm a simple kind of date person. Don't get me wrong, I do love getting dressed up and stuff, but that would be the ideal date for me.

A : I love that!  

A : So Jordyn, what is a character quality that you love about yourself?

J : I think it's funny that I'm super awkward sometimes. I feel like that is something that I would usually say that I hated about myself, but deep down I really do think it's funny. When I'm super awkward I just create a really awkward atmosphere and its like I'm just entertaining myself haha!

A : I know I feel like I can be like that too, and it's just super embarrassing.

J : Yeah, you have to just learn to accept the things you don't really like about yourself sometimes and learn to laugh at them instead.

A : Which can be quite often haha... Okay so since you have an incredible blog called TheDesertViolet, what is your favorite part of being a blogger and which post is your favorite that you've written?

J : Okay... I wrote this piece in my blog about the fashion industry and the makeup industry that I like the most.

A : You know, that specific article is what really made me want to start my own fashion blog, your perspective was just so fresh and inspiring. 

J : Aw, thank you! I love that. Yeah, I really liked that one. I just felt like it was a perspective that I wanted to bring to the table on my blog, because so often people assume girls that wear makeup and go crazy about it are fake or their insecure. Like they have to cover up their face. That isn't untrue in some cases, but also girls like it to have fun. To me it's a way of art, of expressing yourself. That was my favorite to write, to bring a new perspective to beauty. I think it's just so often that it is the opposite, and I want the different kind of perspective to be known and embraced. 

A : Mhmm, I really think you've embodied that well and it was so apparent through that post.

J : Yeah. And to answer my favorite part of blogging, I just love fashion. So anytime I get to work with a company, wether it's clothing or makeup, I just love being able to support them and be able to speak for them. I also love doing photoshoots and taking pictures, or putting cute outfits together. That is the whole reason I started my blog, to put together outfits I love.

A : What's your favorite part of your body?

J : Okay this is going to sound weird, but I love my wrists! Haha I think arms are really pretty and I have a tattoo on my wrist, which may be why I chose to put it there too. Watches are also my favorite so I love to wear them and pair them with my wrist tattoo! 

A : I love that that question just says so much about you that I never knew! Are watches your favorite accessory?

J : Yeah, most likely. I'm just obsessed with them. Like every time I see one, even if I have one similar, I still will want the other one haha, so I have so many of them.

A : What is a big epic fashion failure that you have had?

J : Oh, where to begin! I feel like I have so many.

A : Ha! Why do you think that is?

J : I feel like you look back on your life, and you remember the ugliest combinations you put together and you're like, oh my gosh why did I ever think that was cute?! Now, I wouldn't even consider going out of the house wearing a lot of what I have before. 

A : But you know one of the reasons why you can say that now and know it's fine is because you've been gutsy and tried new looks. 

J : That's actually true, yeah. I have always been gutsy in what I wear I feel like. Oh, I just remembered the perfect failure. My freshman year of high school, I had this whole vellore outfit, like the jacket and matching pants and they were all soft. And it was hot pink.

A : Did it say Juicy on the butt?

J : haha no it didn't! But I went to school with it on like all the time. It was really bad. 

A : What's been a big epic fashion win, or something you were just really excited to wear? 

J : I was honestly so excited about the birthday photoshoot! With the balloons and the fluffy coat. I call it my muppet coat, cuz it reminds me of what a muppet looks like. It was my favorite.

A : Oh my gosh you're so right! That shoot really turned out great.

J : Yeah it did I loved it.

A : What is your dream job?

J : Oh, it would be working for a magazine for sure. Like a fashion magazine. I don't know what exactly I would do, I mean there's so many different aspects I would love to do. Like I'd like to be a photographer's assistant or something... ultimately I would just want to work for Vogue. That would be the dream. Also just doing some editing would be awesome for fashion columns, women's columns, just something that really matters to me. And I do think fashion is really relevant, so.

A : I know it always will be. Everyone is always going to care about what they wear. And that's another huge piece of a culture's identity.

J : Yeah! I really love the history of fashion, i get so caught up in where certain trends started or where things we wear originated. It's just so fascinating. And it's not just for women! It impacts everyone, when you think about it.

A : Oh yeah, it's so interesting! 

A : Okay, a couple more questions. What's a dream you're hoping to accomplish this year?

J : I hope in 2017 that I can really take my blog to the next level. I love to progress in things I put my mind to. If I come to a standstill in life, I get really overwhelmed. So I would really just like to see that progress into something not only fashion-based, but also grow into a place where women can go to just be encouraged and find confidence. 

A : You have such a strong voice for women! That's something I've always really liked about you and your blog. You have such a strong stance to fight for people's individuality and their rights as a human, and their confidence. I really look up to that.

J : Thank you!!

A : Who is a person you look up to?

J : Someone I actually really look up to, and this is kind of random, but as of lately it would be Emma Watson. 

A : Ugh, dude straight up. I can't even begin.

J : I know! And it's not just because I love Hermione. 

A : Okay, she is Hermione in real life tho.

J : She IS! She so is. Like her personality is SO Hermione. I feel like she just walked onto the set of Harry Potter and was just herself with a wand! She's so amazing. She started her own campaign that was all about women's rights and equality, and all over the world people are paying attention to it. That's just something I really look up to, and she's where I kind of found my courage to start writing about it too. Just to see someone who quit acting, where she was making so much money and was really famous, to go to school and join this huge movement. She essentially took a break from everything she was trained her whole life to do to pursue that. Hearing her speeches and what she has to say is just so inspiring. I just really really like her! Someone who makes you want to speak and write about what they are saying you know is doing something really right. 

Pretty In Pink

I love a great statement piece! I appreciate how wearing certain things can really stretch you to be truly confident in yourself.  That's one of my favorite things about fashion. So much about who you are can be said through what you wear and how you present yourself. I love being an artist, and I always strive to stay creative in every area I can. That's why I love investing in statement pieces so much and trying out new looks! It makes getting dressed feel like a creative adventure ;) 

I'm really loving this blush color these days... It's so sweet and girlie. I wear a lot of dark colors, so white and pink are fun to wear to make me feel really feminine. Plus it's such a good color for Valentine's Day coming up!

I loved the pink of the skirt so much, I put some on my eyes too :) I used blush-toned eyeshadow and a nude lip to compliment the creamy light tones of the rest of the outfit. 

Love Day Under $50

There's a lot of good holidays... and then there's Valentines Day, the one day a year where you're allowed to go anywhere wearing a hot red dress and it's totally acceptable!! So obviously, I love this holiday. Whether you're going out with your hunnie or with your gal-pals, I KNOW you're looking online or in stores for that perfect getup. I put together this list of items all under $50 for whatever you're day/night out will look like this V-Day. Follow the "Buy Me" links below to find your perfect outfit, happy Love Day shopping!!!

Rosine Velvet Strappy Choker Slip Dress

Bring on the romance! This dress is the perfect velvet ensemble for a night with your boo or a girls night out! I love red dresses, but sometimes I struggle with wearing a really bright red, so I love how dark of a shade this is. Boohoo is having a HUGE sale on a ton of their clothes, and this dress is a super affordable option.

Black Ladder Trim Choker Plunge Bodycon Dress

This isn't your classic little black dress... It's the super fierce version! I love the touch of lace and choker to add flare and a unique spin to the LBD. Pair it with the fuzzy mauve clutch to add extra texture to your look.

Lexi Boxy Crop And Midi Skirt Co-Ord

I love me some black and white! For my body type, it always works best to pair a more loose-fitting top with a tighter skirt. How chic is this combo! And the best news is it's on sale at Boohoo for $21! 

Black Embroidered Pointed Pumps

Try something different this V-Day with an embroidered heel. I love trying new things, and shoes are such a fun zone for that! You can completely change an outfit just by upping your shoe game, especially by adding a fun pattern like these floral heels. 

Feather Clutch Bag Mauve

Major trend alert! Fur is so in right now. And how about that shade of mauve, mmm!! Check out the black dress above, and get this bag to add some flare to your little black dress this V-Day.  


Aria Off The Shoulder And Wide Leg Trouser Co-Ord

This is pure girl-boss attire, and the red takes this look to another level. The off-shoulder flowy-pant combo is really going to make you feel like you can conquer anything this Valentine's Day, date or no date! ;) 

Cupid Shot Through The Heart Necklace In Rose Gold

This necklace is the perfect little number for any neckline that you want to let be the center of attention. Whether you're dressing up or down, it's the perfect romantic yet sweet touch to any outfit.

Pink Strappy Curve Hem Midi Dress

Curves baby, curves! You got em? you need this dress. It will perfectly compliment your body type. A great dress doesn't have to be flashy or covered in lots of frills. Sometimes simple is best, and it's all about the fit.

Reclaimed Vintage Mini Heart Cross Body Bag

This purse is so cute, right?! If you head out on the town with this number hanging from your shoulder, you'll be the talk of the town guaranteed!! Get it before it sells out!   

Black Wrap Bardot Jumpsuit

Okay, helloooo hottie! I'm obsessed with this jumpsuit. I mean, the off shoulder, sweetheart neckline, slender fit.. plus it's black. and black is the best. Let's be honest. Pair this with one of the fur coats below and you'll be the talk of the friggin town. 

Bella Crop Leopard Faux Fur Jacket

As you may know, I stand by my leopard. Don't care if it's in shoe form, shirt form, animal form or coat form (faux of course). Plus these coats are really popular right now. Honestly, I'd wear this baby with any outfit. Get it and go crazy with your options. 

Power Through Faux Fur Coat

Okay, I lied. Unlike all the great deals from this blog post, this coat is not under $50. It's a splurge if you'd be buying it. If you can't, it's great inspiration for you outfit! The plum hues are super flirty for V-Day and would compliment a clean white dress or skirt.

Crispin Drops

Pair these hanging trio bubble gum drops with a white chiffon dress (shown below) and you'll be feeling sweet as a candy heart! They're a super fun way to spruce up a solid colored dress.

Exclusive Shifting Dears Long Sleeve Dress 

I am always looking for a solid colored dress that is super comfy and sexy at the same time. They are always the most versatile for any kind of occasion. My favorite part about this dress from Lulu's is that it comes in 12 colors!!!! Choose from Ivory, Magenta, Blush, Black, Wine, or 6 different floral prints! I think I'll order 4 different shades... ;) 

Quinn Block Heels In Nude Faux Suede

These are not your typical heels. They're lacy, chunky, and sassy with a cute toe peep! There's a lot I love about these shoes because theres quite a lot going on, but they still manage to be simplistic and sweet. Pair with flowy pants or a cute tight dress, they'll look cute either way!

ASOS Valentines Romantic Rose Traditional Pajama Set

Confession: I am a pajama person. Ask my husband. My favorite set that I have are just like these, but they're black with stripes and they're satin. However, I'm getting these because I don't care how many pajama sets I have, and you should too. They're perfect for a girls night in or (if you're married;)) a night in with your babe! 

Pink Satin Tie Waist Cigarette Trousers

Kick up the heat with this baby for your man! You'll be irresistable in this blush nightie after a nice dinner and movie. It's fun to dress up for your husbae, am I right!! 

Shanghai Surprise Cut-Out Dress In Pink

How fun is this dress?! It has lines and cut outs in all the right places. The color is everything and the shape is definitely going to give you the attention you want for Love Day ;) 

Gifted Burgundy Velvet Layered Choker Necklace

Instead of the classic black choker, try this one with a white dress or black one piece to make it flirty.  

Satin Tie Metal Heeled Sandals In Black

Black heels will be your safe zone for any outfit you choose. these cute ones have a sweet bow and a metal heel to give it's simplicity a little twist! 

Pink Satin Tie Waist Cigarette Trousers

These pants are fire, I would buy them not only for V-Day celebrations but also to keep for tons of other events! They are so versatile in how you can dress them up or down. 

Sarah Scallop Double Layer Bodycon Dress

I like this dress for the placement of the scallops. They're in flattering areas and the red is a lovely wine hue.   

Pink Faux Suede Midi Skirt

I had to include a pencil skirt for the ladies that like to look professional. I love a good pencil skirt, and this one is suede!  

Grocery Getup

Gosh, moving is HARD WORK. The list of things to do seems a little endless at times. As we get more and more settled, I've been dressing in sweatshirts and leggings mostly for a good solid month... Reaaal fancy I know. It's tough motivating myself these days to get dressed up,  when I know I'll just be running a bunch of errands. So, I do my best to spice up the casual attire I've been sporting! This outfit is my fav type of comfort plus cute that I can think of.

If you must know, I borrowed the shirt from Jon ;) It's one of my habits when I can't find anything on the flowy side in my own closet. I happen to believe that mens wear is slightly more comfortable anyways...  

I'm super ok with the baseball hat fad... It helps when I'm not tryna take a shower and can throw one over my nappy head to go out. Anyone know of a good dry shampoo that I could try??  

New Year's Eve

What to wear, what to wear... I've almost settled on my New Year's outfit! Still deciding between these two ensembles. I call the first one "Velvet Midnight" and the second one "A Night of White". What will you be wearing? 

On one of my weekly trips to Target I stumbled upon this beauty of a dress that is part of the Who What Wear line. It comes in this icy grey color and also in black! 

I wish I had a whole closet full of leopard coats! This one is the perfect length for strolling around the Broadmoor tomorrow night :) I'm going with a smokey eye and sparkly purple wing to complete this look.  

Now to decide: Velvet or Fur.... I love that fashion in the 21st century always comes full swing at some point! Velvet and fur are two of my fav trends right now. For this look I went for the all-white approach, you know, to match the non-existent snow... Lulus has the greatest selection of white dresses right now! The one I have has a cute strappy back and high neckline. 

While I'm deciding on what to wear, tell me what you're wearing! I love seeing everyone's outfit choices for New Years. It's the opportunity to look like a star for an entire evening! To wear the dress you can't get away with at any other party because the amount of sequins could potentially blind someone. Add a photo of your outfit to the comments below, and have a happy new year!!  

Deck Yourself

There's a few more weeks left of the most wonderful time of the year!! Who's already in party mode?! One of my favorite things about Christmas is that there are ENDLESS reasons to throw a good party. Everyone is in the celebrating mood, so there's also endless parties to go to! I. Love. It. And planning my outfits for the festivities is a huge part of the fun!! I don't know about you, but it's hard not to spend all of my money on Black Friday deals for cute clothes instead of presents for the family. Soooo in light of my selfish spending problems (and maybe yours too) I decided to help out my fellow ladies by creating some looks for this season that won't break your bank but will help you look your best at any event you attend. From family outings to work parties, I hope this blog post will help you choose those signature pieces to shop for or inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new with what you wear! Let's get started shall we?


This outfit is a fav of mine! It's the edgy-yet-classy look that I so enjoy discovering in my closet. In my family, it often feels like a zoo when we all get together (although, the Zoo Lights this time of year are quite a magical experience if you're looking for good ideas:)), so I like to wear the leather jacket to establish dominance and the converse for comfort if you end up walking a lot for your outing. You'll still impress grandma with that oh-so-glam silk slitted top and pencil skirt, while still feeling like yourself. Top it off with some statement earrings and you're ready to conquer any crazy reunion. 


It's time for the annual ugly sweater party: but you have the same sweater from last year.... What's the solution? Goodwill. Always. just picked up this bad boy from the local Arc in Colorado Springs, and I'm seriously considering wearing it to work. I know what you're thinking, and I don't care. If you feel like you can't say hi to me if you see me wearing it, I understand. If you're not this risky, Target has a ton of really hilarious christmas sweaters to choose from! My genius tip this year to make you stand out? Tuck that sweater into a super cute skirt and match your nail color to the top! It'll give you flare on top of flare. So really it's a win-win. 

If you're in a creative mood, why not make your own ugly sweater?! That way, you have control over if it's ugly or just flashy. It's extremely cheap to do, and if you're hosting it's a great party activity! Just buy an array of gold sequins or big red bows and stick them on a sweater you already have. Easy-Peasy Lemon-Sqeezy. 


This may be the most popular form of party during the holidays: the one that requires you to bring something: cookies, an ornament, a white elephant gift, the list goes on. I always get tied between dressing up or dressing down for these events, so how about a little in-between? Lace-up sweaters are so hot right now. I like this one slightly tucked into my Levi's with heels to make it feel formal and some bangles for extra spice! 


Whether it's Christmas Eve or the Sunday before (which this year actually falls on Christmas Day), it's super fun to dress up for church! I love when everyone gets all dolled up to celebrate the real reason for the season. For this outfit however, it's gotta be fashion-forward meets nun-in-training. So you should probably save the shorter dress for another occasion. I like a cute pencil skirt with a statement top (this one has some fab lace detail) and a flower crown. I like the burgundy color to keep it feeling seasonal, and a nude lip to tone it down :) 


Cuz it's LADIES NIGGGHT! YAS! I LOVE holiday themed girls outings, where you can be as loud as you want at the restaurant and strut around like you own the streets in a big fur coat because of the extra estrogen feeding you feminine confidence. Instead of doing the usual all-black outfit, try a snowy-white dress with pastel-colored accessories! These dangly earrings are my go-to this season.  

Fur is the color of this winter's energy. What is it about fur that makes me feel like I can do anything?! Try out a white fur with a striped top and shiny-pointed heels. I know, it's a tad Cruella De Ville, but who doesn't love feeling like a Disney character!   


Finally, some RED!!! I don't like to get too cheesy with the christmas colors, but this skirt is really everything. It pops out like a cupcake and has pockets to hold your dark lipstick! I love how this skirt looks French-style, with a black hat, striped shirt and choker. I love wearing this one to honestly any occasion I can think of (I can't really wear this skirt on any given day you know..) that's a more fancier one. To the Broadmoor for a drink or the annual friend's Black Tie party, this outfit is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Ok if you're going to go with the all-black, here's a few tips to spice it up. Leopard coat, sheer socks with heels, or a platinum gold belt are what I paired with my simple black dress. 


If you work for a company that likes to celebrate, you're gonna want an outfit like this one! It's a classic-feeling winter-friendly comfortable ensemble. The cashmere scarf over the long white lab coat with jeans makes me feel like I can be a professional in front of my boss, yet stay stylish for myself ;) And the shiny tassled shoes will increase your ability to be a sleuth. (Just kidding, they just remind me of something I think Sherlock Holmes would wear). The scent Burberry Brit goes on my christmas list almost every year because it's one of my favorite scents, and it pairs well with this classy look. Depending on how you're feeling, you can choose a silky black tie over a white top or a black turtleneck to complete the outfit.

Hopefully you enjoy this list of outfits and feel like you have some great options for the different festivities this year!! I didn't include any links in this post, but if you're wanting to know where to get any piece you like from this post just email me through the contact page! 

Sweater Weather

Photography is one of my hobbies that I have enjoyed for a long time. It's always been a dream of mine to work as a fashion photographer, capturing the beauty of the human body and creative expression through clothing. Jordyn and I took some photos in a studio for fun, so I am naming this series The Studio Series. Real original, I know.

Iiiiiiiits sweater weather! Finally. There hasn't been any real snowfall until a few days ago, and it's December. I'm not too mad about it, it's just I've been waiting to wear something knitted for TOO LONG. And also, Christmas isn't Christmas without a little flurry in the air. 

501's. they're the greatest jeans of the season (in my opinion). I love them right now because they give you some needed form when wearing a baggier top, yet at the same time give an edgier and loose look when wearing a shirt thats on the tighter side.

Chunky. Platform. Black. Sandals. My love for these runs deep. They're not great for the winter, but you'll be wanting these when spring rolls around the corner. I got mine here.


Guess what... it's time for a GIVEAWAY!!!!

I am really excited about teaming up with Becoming Jewelry for this GIVEAWAY, not only because this brand makes the most beautiful handmade jewelry, but also because I hope whoever wins this lovely piece will wear it to remind themselves to BE. BRAVE. 

It all goes down on my Instagram, starting TODAY! All you need to do is:

- Follow me on Instagram

- tag 3 of your friends in the comment section of the original giveaway post

- keep checking for updates and cross your fingers for November 2nd when I will pick the lucky winner! 


"Let your gentleness be evident to all, The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." - Philippians 4:5-7

Peace will come. It is possible in any circumstance. the storm will settle. the morning will come. the night will pass. the snow will fall like the sun will warm the earth. God is good, and He is in control. Peace will come. This necklace reminds me every day of the hope of P E A C E. 




(n.) The overwhelming urge to run away.

Sometimes the day in and day out just makes you wanna fly far away... Anyone feel me on this??

Ain't nothin wrong with a little sense of restlessness. I think especially with creative people, we are always craving newness or a freshness to spark imagination. Routine can be hard. Boring. Maybe even sometimes we confuse the daily-do's with a loss of calling. Should we feel guilty for feeling this way?  

Is it wrong to crave something more than what is in front of us? Or maybe to be scared of not getting to control what our future looks like? 

I think of this matter often. I admit I can be tempted with ungratefulness, pride, maybe even bitterness towards my current circumstances. Fear of losing out or missing the bigger picture. "I'm better than what I'm going through, I need to be entertained more, I deserve better" are all things I'm guilty of telling myself. But I have learned that running away from the things that make you restless or take a lot of work to walk through will only end up giving you a longer list of things to escape. The problems only build and get worse when we decide to run to the next big thing. 

There can be so much beauty in the daily/weekly/monthly practice of routine. For example, it makes for better friendships! The most enjoyable relationships are the ones that last the longest. The ones that take those extra ounces of strength to have that hard talk or go to that boring event just to show your support. It also creates consistency, which can be hard to come by in creative people. It builds a healthy family, an excellent team, and achieves dreams. Consistency sounds so lame, but without it we fall apart. We lose our sense of identity. Why else to you think God never changes? If He did, we would be serving a God who makes His decisions purely based off of what He feels and how much we can please Him.

How does this pertain to this post? It doesn't. But I just thought since I'm the blogger, I can write whatever I want to, right?! 

How about some outfit details... OVERALLS! Come on somebody. It's fall. I don't care that I was sweating profusely in all black on a 75 degree day, I'm just gonna pretend it's cold outside. These Overalls fit absolutely perfect and are from Forever 21, black bodysuit from hereeee

This. Hat. (Insert seventeen heart eyes). Call me a hoochie-mama, I'll stand by cheetah print FOREVER! This one is from Urban, and you can find more in different colors here. The platform sandal is one of my favorite trends right now, and I got mine here.

I'll leave you with this last thought: How do we fill the desire to run away in a healthy way? I think it is different for everyone, but I like to do so through various methods, one being reading! I live for a good adventure book. I just read Salt To The Sea, which I'll probably blog about soon if you want to know more about it. I also love to make little trips around Colorado to find a new view or sometimes when I'm lucky I'll visit another state. Travel does a lot of good for an anxious soul. I also like to try lots of different hobbies, who says you can only have one?! My most current hobbies include adult coloring, giving Henna tattoos, making origami cranes (tutorial coming soon!), and walking around Target, which totally counts as a hobby. 

Now that you've read a bit about what I think of Drapetomania (I'm a big word fan, and this one is spectacular, wouldn't you agree?), what are your thoughts? How do you find yourself running away, in a good way? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear what you think!