Grocery Getup

Gosh, moving is HARD WORK. The list of things to do seems a little endless at times. As we get more and more settled, I've been dressing in sweatshirts and leggings mostly for a good solid month... Reaaal fancy I know. It's tough motivating myself these days to get dressed up,  when I know I'll just be running a bunch of errands. So, I do my best to spice up the casual attire I've been sporting! This outfit is my fav type of comfort plus cute that I can think of.

If you must know, I borrowed the shirt from Jon ;) It's one of my habits when I can't find anything on the flowy side in my own closet. I happen to believe that mens wear is slightly more comfortable anyways...  

I'm super ok with the baseball hat fad... It helps when I'm not tryna take a shower and can throw one over my nappy head to go out. Anyone know of a good dry shampoo that I could try??