"Winds in the East, mist coming in.

Like somethin is brewing, about to begin.

Can't put my finger, on what lies in store,

But I fear what's to happen, all happened before."

I have always internally considered myself a writer, but never in public. Up until now I have kept my ideas to myself, because that is where they are safe. If I never share them with anyone, then no one can tell me they are small, or un-original or mediocre. I have come to realize that this is no fun. Living this way has caused more fear and insecurity than I have ever experienced.

I remember when I lost myself to Jesus. He was all I was focused on, all I could think about. But I grew comfortable with never showing anyone where my allegiance lied. I thought if I told people what I looked like from the inside, they would throw me away and call me crazy. Seem familiar?

Today I choose to silence fear. As the infamous lines of Mary Poppins states, I feel the change of winds. I have dreams that far surpass this dream of being a fashion blogger, but they will never come to pass if I keep them all in my own subconscious. I am afraid that they are beginning to spill out, and I cannot control which way they turn me. I have become attentive to the call of creativity, and here in this blog I have decided to let all of my ideas run loose. 

I am inspired, because God has given me the freedom to express myself through creativity. What I yearn for is to share that freedom with more than just my own subconscious. I want to empower others to find the courage to do the same.