Love Day Under $50

There's a lot of good holidays... and then there's Valentines Day, the one day a year where you're allowed to go anywhere wearing a hot red dress and it's totally acceptable!! So obviously, I love this holiday. Whether you're going out with your hunnie or with your gal-pals, I KNOW you're looking online or in stores for that perfect getup. I put together this list of items all under $50 for whatever you're day/night out will look like this V-Day. Follow the "Buy Me" links below to find your perfect outfit, happy Love Day shopping!!!

Rosine Velvet Strappy Choker Slip Dress

Bring on the romance! This dress is the perfect velvet ensemble for a night with your boo or a girls night out! I love red dresses, but sometimes I struggle with wearing a really bright red, so I love how dark of a shade this is. Boohoo is having a HUGE sale on a ton of their clothes, and this dress is a super affordable option.

Black Ladder Trim Choker Plunge Bodycon Dress

This isn't your classic little black dress... It's the super fierce version! I love the touch of lace and choker to add flare and a unique spin to the LBD. Pair it with the fuzzy mauve clutch to add extra texture to your look.

Lexi Boxy Crop And Midi Skirt Co-Ord

I love me some black and white! For my body type, it always works best to pair a more loose-fitting top with a tighter skirt. How chic is this combo! And the best news is it's on sale at Boohoo for $21! 

Black Embroidered Pointed Pumps

Try something different this V-Day with an embroidered heel. I love trying new things, and shoes are such a fun zone for that! You can completely change an outfit just by upping your shoe game, especially by adding a fun pattern like these floral heels. 

Feather Clutch Bag Mauve

Major trend alert! Fur is so in right now. And how about that shade of mauve, mmm!! Check out the black dress above, and get this bag to add some flare to your little black dress this V-Day.  


Aria Off The Shoulder And Wide Leg Trouser Co-Ord

This is pure girl-boss attire, and the red takes this look to another level. The off-shoulder flowy-pant combo is really going to make you feel like you can conquer anything this Valentine's Day, date or no date! ;) 

Cupid Shot Through The Heart Necklace In Rose Gold

This necklace is the perfect little number for any neckline that you want to let be the center of attention. Whether you're dressing up or down, it's the perfect romantic yet sweet touch to any outfit.

Pink Strappy Curve Hem Midi Dress

Curves baby, curves! You got em? you need this dress. It will perfectly compliment your body type. A great dress doesn't have to be flashy or covered in lots of frills. Sometimes simple is best, and it's all about the fit.

Reclaimed Vintage Mini Heart Cross Body Bag

This purse is so cute, right?! If you head out on the town with this number hanging from your shoulder, you'll be the talk of the town guaranteed!! Get it before it sells out!   

Black Wrap Bardot Jumpsuit

Okay, helloooo hottie! I'm obsessed with this jumpsuit. I mean, the off shoulder, sweetheart neckline, slender fit.. plus it's black. and black is the best. Let's be honest. Pair this with one of the fur coats below and you'll be the talk of the friggin town. 

Bella Crop Leopard Faux Fur Jacket

As you may know, I stand by my leopard. Don't care if it's in shoe form, shirt form, animal form or coat form (faux of course). Plus these coats are really popular right now. Honestly, I'd wear this baby with any outfit. Get it and go crazy with your options. 

Power Through Faux Fur Coat

Okay, I lied. Unlike all the great deals from this blog post, this coat is not under $50. It's a splurge if you'd be buying it. If you can't, it's great inspiration for you outfit! The plum hues are super flirty for V-Day and would compliment a clean white dress or skirt.

Crispin Drops

Pair these hanging trio bubble gum drops with a white chiffon dress (shown below) and you'll be feeling sweet as a candy heart! They're a super fun way to spruce up a solid colored dress.

Exclusive Shifting Dears Long Sleeve Dress 

I am always looking for a solid colored dress that is super comfy and sexy at the same time. They are always the most versatile for any kind of occasion. My favorite part about this dress from Lulu's is that it comes in 12 colors!!!! Choose from Ivory, Magenta, Blush, Black, Wine, or 6 different floral prints! I think I'll order 4 different shades... ;) 

Quinn Block Heels In Nude Faux Suede

These are not your typical heels. They're lacy, chunky, and sassy with a cute toe peep! There's a lot I love about these shoes because theres quite a lot going on, but they still manage to be simplistic and sweet. Pair with flowy pants or a cute tight dress, they'll look cute either way!

ASOS Valentines Romantic Rose Traditional Pajama Set

Confession: I am a pajama person. Ask my husband. My favorite set that I have are just like these, but they're black with stripes and they're satin. However, I'm getting these because I don't care how many pajama sets I have, and you should too. They're perfect for a girls night in or (if you're married;)) a night in with your babe! 

Pink Satin Tie Waist Cigarette Trousers

Kick up the heat with this baby for your man! You'll be irresistable in this blush nightie after a nice dinner and movie. It's fun to dress up for your husbae, am I right!! 

Shanghai Surprise Cut-Out Dress In Pink

How fun is this dress?! It has lines and cut outs in all the right places. The color is everything and the shape is definitely going to give you the attention you want for Love Day ;) 

Gifted Burgundy Velvet Layered Choker Necklace

Instead of the classic black choker, try this one with a white dress or black one piece to make it flirty.  

Satin Tie Metal Heeled Sandals In Black

Black heels will be your safe zone for any outfit you choose. these cute ones have a sweet bow and a metal heel to give it's simplicity a little twist! 

Pink Satin Tie Waist Cigarette Trousers

These pants are fire, I would buy them not only for V-Day celebrations but also to keep for tons of other events! They are so versatile in how you can dress them up or down. 

Sarah Scallop Double Layer Bodycon Dress

I like this dress for the placement of the scallops. They're in flattering areas and the red is a lovely wine hue.   

Pink Faux Suede Midi Skirt

I had to include a pencil skirt for the ladies that like to look professional. I love a good pencil skirt, and this one is suede!  

Blue Sky Baby

The caged bird sings, with fearful trill
of the things unknown, but longed for still
and his tune is heard on the distant hill 
for the caged bird sings of freedom

The free bird thinks of another breeze
and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
and the fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn
and he names the sky his own. 
- Maya Angelou

Sometimes a blue sky is enough to feel limitless. I'll tell you one thing, being a creative person can bring days of immense freedom, but also days of cages and ceilings. It is hard to not get discouraged with those days... when you can't seem to see over that wall that blocks the view of your true identity. Just because you're a bird doesn't mean you can always fly. You have to continuously return to the place you belong, to the place you were made to exist. It will remind you of where you are meant to be, where your abilities are used for their true intent. It is comforting remembering the place God has for us in these times, for it is in that Heavenly place that our full potential WILL be reached. That is His promise to us. It is why we were made. So on days where I can't seem to spread my wings, I like to look at that big endless blue sky and remember what IS coming. 

I have decided this season is going to be one of hats. I just love what a hat adds to an outfit... it gives it more personality and makes me feel more sophisticated. I like this straw hat and love the added color it gives to my black and white ensemble. 

I have three words for this layered silver necklace from Express : Class. Rock&Roll. Flavor. How can a necklace accomplish so many things? I don't know. But it's on another level, people.  

Ladies & gentlemen: introducing my favorite suede booties in the WORLD, the Willow Booties from Roolee. they're so cute I can't handle it. 

Knotted white tank is my fallback for every pair of pants that needs to be the center of attention. I frayed these ones myself, be looking for a tutorial post soon!  


"Winds in the East, mist coming in.

Like somethin is brewing, about to begin.

Can't put my finger, on what lies in store,

But I fear what's to happen, all happened before."

I have always internally considered myself a writer, but never in public. Up until now I have kept my ideas to myself, because that is where they are safe. If I never share them with anyone, then no one can tell me they are small, or un-original or mediocre. I have come to realize that this is no fun. Living this way has caused more fear and insecurity than I have ever experienced.

I remember when I lost myself to Jesus. He was all I was focused on, all I could think about. But I grew comfortable with never showing anyone where my allegiance lied. I thought if I told people what I looked like from the inside, they would throw me away and call me crazy. Seem familiar?

Today I choose to silence fear. As the infamous lines of Mary Poppins states, I feel the change of winds. I have dreams that far surpass this dream of being a fashion blogger, but they will never come to pass if I keep them all in my own subconscious. I am afraid that they are beginning to spill out, and I cannot control which way they turn me. I have become attentive to the call of creativity, and here in this blog I have decided to let all of my ideas run loose. 

I am inspired, because God has given me the freedom to express myself through creativity. What I yearn for is to share that freedom with more than just my own subconscious. I want to empower others to find the courage to do the same.