The Basics.

I thought it would be appropriate to share my first-ever outfit post and feature what I call my "Basics" outfit. This ensemble merely consists of each article I would throw in to top off an almost-complete outfit. These are the gap fillers, the items that can do no wrong. Similar to that of a cup of black coffee, an essential part of the day that you know will always give you that "brief pause, ahhhh..." moment. 

If I am running late for work or an outing with a friend, I throw these pieces together! It's where comfy meets super cute, without saying "Oh, I just threw this on!" when in fact, you actually did.. ;) 

I am a huge fan of high-waisted pants, and wear them whenever the opportunity presents itself. they are flattering to the curves and accent your waist well. Pair a black jean with a soft white tank (mine's from Urban) tucked in and you're golden. 

I truly am obsessed with this jean jacket from Gap. It happens to be my husband's, and I do enjoy stealing his clothes... I love how oversized it fits, and how relaxed the denim is. I also enjoy how I can faintly make out the smell of his cologne :) 

If there's a way to incorporate cheetah print, I WILL do it. These booties always make any neutral outfit pop. When going basic, it's always a good idea to add a pattern or texture piece to pull the look  together. I got these from H&M a while ago, but you can also find a similar pair at JCrew

The finishing touch to our basic outfit is a heathered grey felt hat. I LOVE hats, especially this one. I'm always on the lookout for a good brimmed hat, not too floppy and no too stiff. This one from H&M is perfect for the Fall season rolling in.

There you have it, ladies. The Basics. Share with me what your favorite staple items are by commenting below! 

These photos were taken by my girl Rachel Long. She's insanely Talented and made me feel creative and beautiful!