(n.) The overwhelming urge to run away.

Sometimes the day in and day out just makes you wanna fly far away... Anyone feel me on this??

Ain't nothin wrong with a little sense of restlessness. I think especially with creative people, we are always craving newness or a freshness to spark imagination. Routine can be hard. Boring. Maybe even sometimes we confuse the daily-do's with a loss of calling. Should we feel guilty for feeling this way?  

Is it wrong to crave something more than what is in front of us? Or maybe to be scared of not getting to control what our future looks like? 

I think of this matter often. I admit I can be tempted with ungratefulness, pride, maybe even bitterness towards my current circumstances. Fear of losing out or missing the bigger picture. "I'm better than what I'm going through, I need to be entertained more, I deserve better" are all things I'm guilty of telling myself. But I have learned that running away from the things that make you restless or take a lot of work to walk through will only end up giving you a longer list of things to escape. The problems only build and get worse when we decide to run to the next big thing. 

There can be so much beauty in the daily/weekly/monthly practice of routine. For example, it makes for better friendships! The most enjoyable relationships are the ones that last the longest. The ones that take those extra ounces of strength to have that hard talk or go to that boring event just to show your support. It also creates consistency, which can be hard to come by in creative people. It builds a healthy family, an excellent team, and achieves dreams. Consistency sounds so lame, but without it we fall apart. We lose our sense of identity. Why else to you think God never changes? If He did, we would be serving a God who makes His decisions purely based off of what He feels and how much we can please Him.

How does this pertain to this post? It doesn't. But I just thought since I'm the blogger, I can write whatever I want to, right?! 

How about some outfit details... OVERALLS! Come on somebody. It's fall. I don't care that I was sweating profusely in all black on a 75 degree day, I'm just gonna pretend it's cold outside. These Overalls fit absolutely perfect and are from Forever 21, black bodysuit from hereeee

This. Hat. (Insert seventeen heart eyes). Call me a hoochie-mama, I'll stand by cheetah print FOREVER! This one is from Urban, and you can find more in different colors here. The platform sandal is one of my favorite trends right now, and I got mine here.

I'll leave you with this last thought: How do we fill the desire to run away in a healthy way? I think it is different for everyone, but I like to do so through various methods, one being reading! I live for a good adventure book. I just read Salt To The Sea, which I'll probably blog about soon if you want to know more about it. I also love to make little trips around Colorado to find a new view or sometimes when I'm lucky I'll visit another state. Travel does a lot of good for an anxious soul. I also like to try lots of different hobbies, who says you can only have one?! My most current hobbies include adult coloring, giving Henna tattoos, making origami cranes (tutorial coming soon!), and walking around Target, which totally counts as a hobby. 

Now that you've read a bit about what I think of Drapetomania (I'm a big word fan, and this one is spectacular, wouldn't you agree?), what are your thoughts? How do you find yourself running away, in a good way? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear what you think!  

It's Jess

Hey girl, Heeeey.

A week ago I had Jessi Caldwell over for iced tea and all the snacks we could find from Trader Joe's. Our friendship dates back to when she was 14 and still had braces. I have always admired her for her head full of confidence and big dreams. And can we just talk about that HAIR?! It has no boundaries, it does exactly as it wants. It has the freedom of the sea, just like Jessi and her mermaid-like qualities. We talked all things hair, beauty, friends, and oceans for a whole afternoon, I just had to share what I love about her. 

A : So Jess, what do you love most about your hair?

J : What I love most about my hair, Annie-bananie, is that it has a mind of its own. Like one day, I'll wake up, and it will be like, "today is a wavy day." Other days, I'll wake up and I will be like, where did this volume come from? 

A : So your hair is like the ocean?

J : You know what, you're right. My hair is the ocean. Like one day it's full of waves, and then the next it decides to be calm. And I love how low-maintenance it is. You would think that having a lot of hair would be awful, but I can just wake up in the morning and it just always works out.

A : Jess, what do you like most about yourself? 

J : Haha! I just like keep it real all the time. I'm not one to sugarcoat things, or hide how I'm feeling. And if someone is doing something weird, I'm like, gonna tell them. Hey, you're doing something man. But I also like how I treat situations, and wont hide how I feel. Like the other day, I was talking to my friend and I had somehow made up this story in my head that she was offended at me for something... when in reality I had forgotten to text her back about something. and she just said, classic Jess.

A : Which Disney Princess do you most identify with? 

J : Obviously, %1000 Ariel. I am a mermaid, I actually am a mermaid. 

A : So were you born in a conch shell?

J : Yeah I was. My life under the sea was wonderful, but I wanted something more. But on a serious note, I would totally want to be Ariel, I love her hair. And Eric was a babe. Major babe. I didn't like how she used her body to make him fall in love with her, I just don't think that's real love, but that's beside the point. 

A : Who is your fashion inspiration?

J : I honestly don't know if I have one. I'm trying to think if there's anyone that sticks out to me in that way.. I think that I'd probably say I don't have one, but that all the different friends in my life or people I've met I feel like I have picked up pieces of them. Like so many parts of me are people that I love. Like my hair is crazy and wild, like my best friend DK, shout out to my girl. Or I also have super hippie and boho tendencies like my friend Haley, or sometimes I want to rock a grunge look like my friend G. 

A : What do you have passion for in life?

J : Well, I'm definitely passionate about people. Going into my major being psychology and marriage and family counseling, I definitely am very passionate about people's stories. I just really feel like we need each other and we are all different, and that's amazing. If we were all the same, everyone would just be so narrow-minded and there would be nothing to learn. It's incredible because you can learn so much from someone who is different than you. That's why I'm going into my major, because I believe if people would talk less and do listen more, they could hear things from people that they wouldn't be able to know otherwise. I'm also passionate about snacks.

A : What was a time that you felt really beautiful?

J : Is it bad if I say that on a lot of days I feel beautiful? Am I a dork if I say that?

A : Haha duh you can say that!

J : I think it more-so comes from like on any given day I'll dress how I feel, and when I dress how I feel I always feel good about myself. It'll be like, I went to the gym in the morning and I didn't have a chance to change, but i feel good, you know? I guess a specific day would be when my friend DK came into town and I took her to this tea place. Which honestly you would love it, it's called Platform T in Denver. They have looseleaf tea there, which is also something I'm passionate about. Anyways, I was wearing this long creamy white dress with my favorite shoes, which I'm wearing now, and I just felt like this beautiful greek goddess. My hair was down, it was a wavy day, and I just felt really good.

A : What's your favorite hairstyle right now?

J : I have been really into the half-up, half-down look. I do that with a little braid in the back and let it fall loose and you can see the blonde in my hair best that way. 

A : Who right now do you think is a beautiful person?

J : Honestly, Adri. My Niece. She is the most beautiful person in the world, and she has taught me more in her little 6 years of living than anyone in the whole world. She is just the essence of wild and free. She's not at the age yet where people tell her, your a girl you cant do this. Or oh, I don't look as cute in this shirt as that girl does in it. She is so passionate and daring, and she is just the most beautiful person in the world, I love her so much. -



The Basics.

I thought it would be appropriate to share my first-ever outfit post and feature what I call my "Basics" outfit. This ensemble merely consists of each article I would throw in to top off an almost-complete outfit. These are the gap fillers, the items that can do no wrong. Similar to that of a cup of black coffee, an essential part of the day that you know will always give you that "brief pause, ahhhh..." moment. 

If I am running late for work or an outing with a friend, I throw these pieces together! It's where comfy meets super cute, without saying "Oh, I just threw this on!" when in fact, you actually did.. ;) 

I am a huge fan of high-waisted pants, and wear them whenever the opportunity presents itself. they are flattering to the curves and accent your waist well. Pair a black jean with a soft white tank (mine's from Urban) tucked in and you're golden. 

I truly am obsessed with this jean jacket from Gap. It happens to be my husband's, and I do enjoy stealing his clothes... I love how oversized it fits, and how relaxed the denim is. I also enjoy how I can faintly make out the smell of his cologne :) 

If there's a way to incorporate cheetah print, I WILL do it. These booties always make any neutral outfit pop. When going basic, it's always a good idea to add a pattern or texture piece to pull the look  together. I got these from H&M a while ago, but you can also find a similar pair at JCrew

The finishing touch to our basic outfit is a heathered grey felt hat. I LOVE hats, especially this one. I'm always on the lookout for a good brimmed hat, not too floppy and no too stiff. This one from H&M is perfect for the Fall season rolling in.

There you have it, ladies. The Basics. Share with me what your favorite staple items are by commenting below! 

These photos were taken by my girl Rachel Long. She's insanely Talented and made me feel creative and beautiful!