New Year's Eve

What to wear, what to wear... I've almost settled on my New Year's outfit! Still deciding between these two ensembles. I call the first one "Velvet Midnight" and the second one "A Night of White". What will you be wearing? 

On one of my weekly trips to Target I stumbled upon this beauty of a dress that is part of the Who What Wear line. It comes in this icy grey color and also in black! 

I wish I had a whole closet full of leopard coats! This one is the perfect length for strolling around the Broadmoor tomorrow night :) I'm going with a smokey eye and sparkly purple wing to complete this look.  

Now to decide: Velvet or Fur.... I love that fashion in the 21st century always comes full swing at some point! Velvet and fur are two of my fav trends right now. For this look I went for the all-white approach, you know, to match the non-existent snow... Lulus has the greatest selection of white dresses right now! The one I have has a cute strappy back and high neckline. 

While I'm deciding on what to wear, tell me what you're wearing! I love seeing everyone's outfit choices for New Years. It's the opportunity to look like a star for an entire evening! To wear the dress you can't get away with at any other party because the amount of sequins could potentially blind someone. Add a photo of your outfit to the comments below, and have a happy new year!!