Summer Florals

I'm thinking this summer is gonna be one filled with lots of dresses! I work in an office where we aren't allowed to wear shorts, and I want to still feel like my legs are breathing during the hotter months. I love dresses as an option because they keep things classy while still feeling comfy and free ;) I got this Million Reasons floral dress from 2 Weeks Notice and really love the floral print! It's also a perfect length, not too short and not too long. 

2 Weeks Notice is such an inspiring company. On top of selling really cutes clothes, they have a blog where they share women's stories of becoming who they are today, which is something I am very passionate about doing. I had the opportunity to share my story (along with some photos of this dress) on their blog, and things got really real. I love vulnerability, and I love having the chance to challenge myself in that area. Please go check out the blog post on their site and read some of my story by clicking This link. I love being able to see life through the perspective of telling a story, and I hope you are inspired and encouraged by my humble and unfinished journey.