The Sweater-Dress

One aspect of clothing I am always on the lookout for when shopping is the combination of comfy and cute. I love when I get to dress stylish and pretty, yet stay super comfortable the whole day no matter what I'm wearing. It's the best win-win in fashion, in my opinion. So when I stumbled upon this sweater dress at Zara, I couldn't say no to it! It's seriously a game-changer. I wake up on Sunday am think, dang, I really want to dress up but still wear a sweatshirt. The answer? sweater-dress. Plus, it's shiny :) 

Unfortunately, this dress is no longer being sold online. But no matter! It's an easy fix. To mimic this look, I found this grey flare-sleeved sweatshirt from Zara and this gold accordion skirt from The Oxford Trunk

If this is a little too fancy for you, wear your favorite white slip-ons or converse! It's such a great statement dress, you can really add whatever amount of casual in your shoe game as you'd like without taking away any class from the look. 

My lip color is the BEST soft matte shade of nude I own. The best part, it's under $10! Get it Here

Grocery Getup

Gosh, moving is HARD WORK. The list of things to do seems a little endless at times. As we get more and more settled, I've been dressing in sweatshirts and leggings mostly for a good solid month... Reaaal fancy I know. It's tough motivating myself these days to get dressed up,  when I know I'll just be running a bunch of errands. So, I do my best to spice up the casual attire I've been sporting! This outfit is my fav type of comfort plus cute that I can think of.

If you must know, I borrowed the shirt from Jon ;) It's one of my habits when I can't find anything on the flowy side in my own closet. I happen to believe that mens wear is slightly more comfortable anyways...  

I'm super ok with the baseball hat fad... It helps when I'm not tryna take a shower and can throw one over my nappy head to go out. Anyone know of a good dry shampoo that I could try??