Lists Rule

If you're a list freak and proud of it, join the club!! I know I'm always looking for new books to motivate my list-making, so I put together my current top 3 for you to check out.

The Personalized Home Organizer

I was recently gifted this gorgeous monthly planner by a sweet friend here in Kalamazoo, and I. AM. OBSESSED. I has literally every kind of list you could possibly need in it! As you can see, these planners are customizable (eek!), and Ashlee picked out the cutest watercolor front cover with my name at the bottom in a pretty script font. You can customize your own Here through the incredible company Kelligraphy Co. This planner includes:  

  • Emergency Contact List / Family Info
  • Password Log
  • Holidays & Important Dates
  • Tasks & To Do Lists
  • Lined Note Pages
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Meal Plans
  • Shopping Lists
  • Bill Payment Schedule
  • Credit Card Accounts Ledger
  • Monthly Budget
  • Credit Score Tracker
  • Cleaning Schedule

Eat Pretty

I wouldn't necessarily call this one a "list book", only because you can't write in it. However it sure does help me make my grocery lists! This book is chalked full of nutritional facts about all of the food we put into our bodies. It helps me to prioritize what I buy at the grocery store by sharing the best kinds of foods for a healthy diet. I love that this book talks all about finding a different kind of beauty through treating your body right and letting what you put inside of it dictate what that looks like. There's also a bunch of delish recipes to try out that I highly reccomend! I bought my copy Here, and it is currently on sale! 

52 Lists For Happiness

Okay, thank you thank you THANK YOU to Morea Seal for this brilliant project! What she has done is create a book that encouragers the list-maker in finding ways to be happy every day, which in turn helps us to actually live happier lives through putting our lists into practice. This book is such a great way to set the tone for your week. Every Monday I am dedicating a little time in the morning to fill out one of the 52 lists, and then applying my list to the rest of the 7 days that follow. Get your copy Here and follow along with lots of others at #52lists or #52happylists!