Sweater Weather

Photography is one of my hobbies that I have enjoyed for a long time. It's always been a dream of mine to work as a fashion photographer, capturing the beauty of the human body and creative expression through clothing. Jordyn and I took some photos in a studio for fun, so I am naming this series The Studio Series. Real original, I know.

Iiiiiiiits sweater weather! Finally. There hasn't been any real snowfall until a few days ago, and it's December. I'm not too mad about it, it's just I've been waiting to wear something knitted for TOO LONG. And also, Christmas isn't Christmas without a little flurry in the air. 

501's. they're the greatest jeans of the season (in my opinion). I love them right now because they give you some needed form when wearing a baggier top, yet at the same time give an edgier and loose look when wearing a shirt thats on the tighter side.

Chunky. Platform. Black. Sandals. My love for these runs deep. They're not great for the winter, but you'll be wanting these when spring rolls around the corner. I got mine here.