Studded Embroidered Leather

Sometimes I try and pinpoint what my fashion style is. I will admit, I love and also strongly believe in consistency. I know how valuable it is to stay cohesive. There are definitely certain styles that I tend to gravitate towards, like grungy clothes, floral patterns, comfy casuals, or texture play. However, I am very much a feelings-wearer. I usually dictate my outfit based on what I am feeling that day, because I view fashion as self-expression. I like to think I can be anyone I want to through the outfit I choose to wear. Sometimes I feel really sweet and mellow, so I'll wear a flowy dress and neutral sandals. Other times I feel daring and full of energy, so I'll wear a bright colored top with sparkly (or light-up) shoes to channel my joyful spirit. Or sometimes I feel really BA, like I could kick down a door or get a really big tattoo, so I wear black booties and a leather embroidered jacket, like the one in this post. I know this means that I don't always have one set style trend I fit into... But who cares?! Every day I wake up and get to emphasis a part of myself that I really like, and I don't have to fit into anyone's boundaries. It brings me peace and confidence when I focus more on expressing myself and less on fitting in. 

I am seriously loving the embroidery fad happening. It makes any piece a statement piece, and they go great with white, black, and grey clothes (which makes up about 75% of my closet...:)). This jacket I found at Forever21 is currently my staple date night jacket! click the links below for more cute embroidered leather. 

UO - As You Wish Moto

ASOS - New Look Biker Jacket

TopShop - Lace Embroidered Jacket (on sale!)

Zara - Embroidered With Frills

SheIn - Rose Applique Biker Jacket

Nasty Gal - Wooster Oversized Moto

If you agree or disagree with me, want to know you're thoughts on this! What styles do you identify with? Do you wear what you feel or do you like to stay more cohesive to one style? It's always fun to see what other people's fashion sense looks like :) comment below!